Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day

What a hope-filled day for some, excited for others, and a shear pain for many.
I have never been celebrated on Valentine's Day, instead I have been told: "Valentine's Day is overrated", "It is just a trick to sell cards, flowers, and candy", and "I love you every day why do I have to do something on Valentine's Day" 

As true as those statements all are and I am sure most of you have heard or even said them before... As a girl with a romantic heart that probably belong in the Disney movies - or perhaps the Hallmark Channel - I kind of want to be at least acknowledged in some way on Valentine's Day. Something different. Something.

What I really want is a bouquet of pink and red roses and a card - my physical need is shouting. ...and then I think... If I had received signs of love throughout the year(s) then maybe I wouldn't have this desire to get flowers and a card on Valentine's Day, because then, maybe I would too, say that Valentine's Day is overrated! That you don't need one day a year to make you feel acknowledged, because every day in your relationship makes you feel acknowledged and loved.

THAT is what I want - not flowers on Valentine's Day, but - to feel loved, appreciated, and acknowledged every day!

Side point: Cause how much would those roses mean to me if they were sitting here in front of me if they were given to me by a stranger on the street, a person from work, or an old lover perhaps?? - Probably not what I wanted when I first said it above, because what I want doesn't rest in the roses... it is the love behind it and the love I give back by receiving it... It is resting in the love-transactions before the roses even existed.

But I still adore red and pink roses together. :)

Love to you on Valentine's Day and every other day.


  1. Wow my ex was the same... Could it be the perfect excuse for a narcissist? As you said "if I would have received love throughout the year..." I know exactly.

    1. Probably!
      And talking to people about Valentine's Day this weekend it is clear that this day is really only appreciated when you already are in a relationship where the love is flowing between the two of you. Not in those relationships that are just getting started, the relationships on a rocky path, and definitely not for those out there that are singles. So if it is for those who have a relationship that is great - then why does this day need to exist? So the rest of us can feel so bad about it? What fun is that?? (just an extended thought after my post)