Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving thanks

Tonight in church I will stand up and verbally share this note of gratefulness that I have been working on over the past few days. I wrote it in a way so that the people that know what my struggles have been like will understand and for those who have their own struggles will be able to relate in a way. It is not the time and place to share the details of my story, just the gratefulness of how I am standing here giving thanks...


Through the many years of darkness in my life You planted a seed in my heart. 
You whispered gently to me to not give up. 
You, in Your own magical ways told me You Loved me just the way I am, as I am. 
The seed You planted in my heart started to sprout earlier this year and day by day the flower of Love keeps growing bigger, stronger and more colorful. 

God, thank You for the Love you have brought to me through every soul that dared to hold my hand and be here for me. 
God, thank You for the fire of courage you lit inside of me and for the light of hope you held in front of me to help me step out of the darkness. 
God, thank You for the exciting future you have in store for me.   


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