Thursday, January 8, 2015

Post Mediation

It went just as expected...
I was bullied on every aspect... and just like I would forget the verbal abuse while we were together I am now forgetting what he said to me yesterday. Go figure. 

But...I am moving into my own apartment on Saturday; something I can't wait to do! I stopped by today to take a look at it. It will be a good place for me! Lot's of light and a very peaceful view. That place was given to me by God... "these end units are NEVER available" the lady at the property management office say every time I talk with her. About a month ago I told Thunderstorm about my plans of moving this weekend over an email and he knew about some of the stuff that I wanted from the house.

Well the time is here and he is not refusing me to get access to the house to pick the stuff up. If he is there he states that he is "afraid that you will call the cops telling them I hit you". If he is not there he states that he is "afraid that I will steal some of his stuff"... So now he will pack up my belongings - or what he considers mine and leave them outside for me to pick up on Saturday at 10 am sharp. He will not be there. He says he will not be there... Let's pray he will not be there.

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