Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pay it forward

It has been three months since my escape from a life of abuse now. The changes I have seen in myself are growing daily. It is hard to understand that I was stuck in that life for so long. It is painful to know that I was stuck in that life for so long. Just imagine what else I could have done with my life... I feel truly robbed!

First I was robbed of my youth by severe side effects thanks to taking birth control pills, then this...

I'll be 35 in a few weeks. I guess it does leaves a lot of life still to be taken in and for that I am grateful. I am not holding grudges but I have lost a few of my years when I was trying to dedicate my life trying to please someone who cannot be pleased. At least that is how I feel when I think about it.

I have now reached out to the local women's support center and will start working with them next year with giving speeches at events to promote awareness of abuse. I look forward to this. I know I can help doing that. Because the biggest thing with abuse is really the fact that so many of us don't realize we are getting abused... To be the one to wake someone up from their fog will be empowering. Even if there will only be one... To tell a story so that an outsider will see it for what it truly is and raise the flag...

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