Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Me without You

Giving this a try... if you haven't read the romantic versions this won't seem too interesting but I figure I would put a little twist on the original cuteness of Me Without You... 

Me without You... 
is like a peaceful nap without interruption.  
a government without corruption.

It is like a sun kissed skin without the burn, 
and a happy vacation without return. 
A drink without the tab, 
and a hug without a grab. 
A summer night without mosquitoes, 
and a romantic dinner without orange Doritos. 

It is like wearing sexy high heels without the feet getting sore, 
and cuddling with someone who isn't asking for more. 

It is like eating unlimited amount of chocolate without the risk of getting fat, 
and having a stomach that is flat. 
It is like a rainbow without the rain, 
and a trip back home without having to be on an expensive plane.  

It is like a beautiful evening under the moon and the stars
and getting a plastic surgery without any revealing scars...   

I admit...  
Me without You, 
is ME...  

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